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Eco Friendly/Green Office

When building our office, a lot of thought went into how we could be efficient and Earth friendly. We succeeded beginning with the use of organic materials in the construction. Our floor to ceiling glass allows ambient light which reduces the consumption of electricity. In our operatories, we are using efficient color correction indirect fluorescent lighting. We installed amalgam traps in order to keep mercury from contaminating our water supply. We have a water free vacuum system that saves 800 gallons of water daily. Our operatories are equipped with a closed water system which operates all handpieces using water we filter with our reverse osmosis system. With digital x-rays we have eliminated the use of caustic chemicals. Our oil-less ceramic compressor avoids the possibility of micro particles of oil contaminating the air including the air in the patient’s mouth. With virtual impressions we avoid the use of disposable trays and impression material which end up in our land fill. Paperless charts speak for themselves, saving tons of paper per year.

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